UPTOWN: Inspired by Harlem in the 1920s. The beauty and celebration of the renaissance era through, art, culture, literature, and evolution. This unique scent boasts top notes of Amaretto and Teakwood, ushers in smooth middle notes of Cedar, Tonka, and Leather and settles with elegant base notes of Oud, Amyrs, and Sweet Rum. This candle is sophisticated and smooth, perfect for both women and men.

SPA DAY: Our version of self-care. Loaded with lavender essential oils and sage, this candle is positive energy in a jar. Lavender promotes relaxation and peaceful sleep. It has also been shown to decrease anxiety, inflammation, and depression. This delicate candle boast top notes of lavender, soothing mid notes of sage and chamomile and finishes with base notes of sandalwood. Enjoy a little piece of a spa day from the comfort of your home.

ROSE GOLD: Inspired by the popularity of its unique and beautiful hue. It boldly contains top notes of Peach, Coconut and Carmelized Sugar. Middle notes of Cinnamon and Clove usher in comforting base notes of Vanilla, Amber and Musk. This candle is equal parts tropical, buttery and lush. 

ONYX: by definition is a protection stone. A fierce and vigorous ROCK capable of absorbing negative energy and transforming it into light. This unique scent boasts top notes of fresh sea salt and tantalizing middle notes of cardamom and rich plum. It finishes with deep base notes of Amber and Musk. This one of a kind candle is a nod to our owner and is sure to transform any room into a space of power and peace.

GOOD VIBES ONLY: Life is the vibe that you make it. Here at Karter L'Rose Candle Co. we operate in Good Vibes Only! This candle is literally joy in a jar. Top notes of Ozone overlap with mid notes of pineapple and lush greenery. We finish with base notes of Bamboo and Powder. Light this candle, and make those dreams a reality sis, WE GOT YOU!

BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED: This unique scent contains top notes of Peony with subtle mid notes and rose and magnolia. Do not allow your current circumstances to define you. Bloom Where You're Planted, Sis.

BLACK GIRL MAGIC: is a nod to my ongoing journey of discovering peace, joy and unconditional love of self. This scent reminds me of Everything beautiful about the melanin in my skin. Top notes of vanilla and amber lead to mid notes of shea butter and cream. We end with a subtle base note of Oud. 

CAKE AND ICE CREAM: Sometimes you really can have your cake and eat it too! Our signature sprinkles Cake and Ice Cream candle is a crowd favorite. Enjoy this creamy smooth treat with top notes of vanilla and mid notes of lemon and pound-cake. We only ask that you don't try to eat it!

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Sunday Brunch is where citrus meets champagne. The perfect mimosa on a sunny day. This scent boasts top notes of Tangerine, mid notes of champagne and orange and a final base of sweet peach nectar.

AFTER THE STORM: Is a cleansing blend of coconut and soy wax. It boast top notes of rain water  and fresh linen then finishes with a subtle base of oak moss and ozone.

MINT TO BE SWEET: A  refreshing blend of sweet citrus with notes of eucalyptus, grapefruit and mint. The perfect refreshing scent to burn throughout your home.

SUMMER LOVE STORY:   A tantalizing blend of green leaves, sea salt and jasmine

TAHITIAN VIBES:  A tropical oasis of raspberry, fig and moss. Take a trip to a tropical island from the comfort of your home