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XXVII: Inspired By Lo


XXVII: Coconut-Chai-Cinnamon- Vetiver

“At first I wanted my candle to smell soft and light and then I realized I needed it to be more like me.. a little sweet but a lot of spice. I wanted it to connect with both my Latina and African American cultures. Working on this scent with Onyx, she understood exactly what I wanted even when I didn’t completely know what that was. After working through the different scents, she was able to create something that reminded me of being embraced by a love, a friend giving you a hug. And I hope that it’s able to recreate a memory for everyone. “

Lauren “Lo” Terrell 

15 oz 3 wick natural soy candle : 70 hour burn time 

The Melanin Collection: A vulnerable journey of storytelling through fragrance