K L'Rose Candle Co.

L'Rose Home Luxury Reed Diffuser Set


The L'Rose Home Luxury Reed Diffuser Set will fragrance your space for 2-3 months with periodic reed flips to refresh the stems.

Diffuser set includes: Chrome plated luxury glass diffuser, 4oz deeply scented diffuser oil bottle, 10 maximum flow rattan diffuser reeds.

Usage Recommendation:

Place reeds in fragrance oil and allow 24-36 hours for the fragrance to fill the air. Flip reeds once after 24 hours, then periodically when fragrance no longer fills the air. Adjust reed quantity based on room size.

Recommended reed quantity: (Increase reeds to meet your desired fragrance flow)

Small room: 3-5 reeds

Medium room: 5-7 reeds

Large room: 7-10 reeds